Not all children get an equal start in life.

Today, 1 in 10 Australian children are living in disadvantage, where even the basics are hard to come by. These children don’t have the basics such as a complete uniform, proper school shoes or even the right school books to make the most of their education. They are often teased or left out by other students. And because they don’t fit in, they end up struggling at school, or failing altogether.

By fundraising for your ride in Around the Bay, you are helping to break this cycle of disadvantage and change the lives of children in need.

It is important to know that Around the Bay registration fees go directly to Bicycle Network to get more people cycling more often. To help children in need with their education, The Smith Family encourages all riders to get sponsored for their ride.

Just follow these 3 simple steps to kick start fundraising for your Around the Bay ride and help break the cycle of disadvantage for children in need.

1. Set Your Fundraising Goal

Don’t be shy, aim high! Set yourself an aspirational fundraising target to achieve. Your supporters are more likely to sponsor you if they see you’re really setting a challenge for yourself.

How to decide on a fundraising goal? Here’s some ideas.

School Essentials

One or a number of school essentials packs ($200) which contains the basics for education such as pens, pencils and the stationary they need for school.

Dollars Per Kilometre

Set your goal around raising a few dollars for every kilometre you ride.

Support a Child

One or a number of disadvantaged children sponsored (it costs $576 to support a disadvantaged child for 1 year)

Classroom Challenge

Feeling ambitious? Get your team to take on the classroom challenge to support 25 disadvantaged children with their education for one year (target of $14,400)

2. Personalise Your Page

Make your fundraising page your own. Upload a profile photo and edit your message and tell your story. This allows sponsors to make a personal connection to your Around the Bay challenge.

Why not lead by example and make a self-donation to get started?

3. Spread the Word

Share your fundraising page to friends family and work colleagues via email or social media and tell people why you’re riding in Around the Bay and raising funds for children in need!

We’ve created a range of email templates you can send (just login here to view), create your own personal email or just click the Facebook or twitter buttons on your page to automatically share your page to friends.

The important thing to remember is: just ask!

It’s also a great idea to keep people updated on your training progress before the ride - this way sponsors will see the effort you’re putting in!